Gramophone Magazine has praised the New Zealand String Quartet’s “generous, expressive style”. Check out their growing discography and listen to sound samples  - music from Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bartok and many others including exciting new works from New Zealand composers.

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Schubert / String Quartet No. 15 in G Major D.887

Schubert represents a milestone in the Quartet’s career of over 25 years with a recording of Franz Schubert’s masterpiece, String Quartet in G Major. As Schubert’s final and most epic string quartet, it is essential listening for classical music and string quartet enthusiasts. Schubert pushed the boundaries of string quartet writing of his time by including a huge range of dramatic contrast and requiring a high level of technical prowess from performers. This work is inventive and conveys a sense of urgency with its major/minor harmonic conflict, sudden accents and change of dynamics. It remains as a pinnacle of string quartet repertoire.

2013 HRL Morrison Music Trust Records

Catalogue Number: MMT2062

Producer: Norbert Kraft & Bonnie Kraft

Engineer: Norbert Kraft

Audio Samples And Track Listings

String Quartet No.15 in G Major

i. Allegro molto moderato
ii. Andante un poco moto
iii. Scherzo: Trio
iv. Allegro assai

Asian Music for String Quartet

This programme brings together aesthetic and musical elements of East and West. Zhou Long captures the essence of the Chinese plucked ch’in, and Cambodian aesthetics are preserved in Chinary Ung’s expressive Spiral III. Tan Dun’s Eight Colors combines the exotic timbres of Peking Opera with Second Viennese School tonalities. Gao Ping’s Bright Light and Cloud Shadows has been admired for its ‘long-breathed brush strokes’ (Washington Post). Taking its inspiration from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, Toru Takemitsu’s be­autifully crafted A Way a Lone evokes a shimmering sound world. Listen now.

November 2012 Naxos Classical Catalogue no 8.572488
Producer: Norbert Kraft & Bonnie Silver
Engineer: Norbert Kraft

Audio Samples And Track Listings

Zhou Long: Song of the Ch'in 

Chinary Ung: Spiral III

Goa Ping: Bright Light and Cloud Shadows

Toru Takemitsu: A Way a Lone

Tan Dun: Eight Colors

i. No. 1: Peking Opera

ii. No. 2: Shadows

iii. No. 3: Pink Actress

iv. No. 4: Black Dance

v. No. 5: Zen

vi. No. 6: Drum and Gong

vii. No. 7: Cloudiness

viii. No. 8: Red Sona


Mendelssohn String Quartets Vol.1 / Nos. 1, 4, 6

With their often turbulent and dark-hued openings, poignant slow movements, elfin Scherzos reminiscent of the music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and tense, thrilling last movements of perpetual motion, Mendelssohn’s String Quartets are works of considerable emotional range and mastery of form. This first disc of the complete String Quartets ranges from the youthful No. 1, Op. 12 (actually the second of the published quartets) to the great, tragic String Quartet No. 6, Op. 80, Mendelssohn’s last major work, composed after the death of his sister. Listen now.

March 2008 Naxos Classical Catalogue 8.570001
Producer: Norbert Kraft & Bonnie Silver
Engineer: Norbert Kraft

Audio Samples And Track Listings

String Quartet No. 6 in F minor, Op. 80

i. Allegro vivace assai

ii. Allegro assai

iii. Adagio

iv. Finale: Allegro molto

String Quartet No. 1 in E flat major, Op. 12

i. Adagio non troppo - Allegro non tardante

ii. Canzonetta: Allegretto - Più mosso

iii.  Andante espressivo

iv. Molto allegro e vivace

String Quartet No. 4 in E minor, Op. 44, No. 2

i. Allegro assai appassionato

ii. Scherzo: Allegro di molto

iii. Andante

iv. Presto agitato

Mendelssohn String Quartets Vol.2 / Nos. 2 & 5

The New Zealand String Quartet’s first Naxos recording of Mendelssohn’s string quartets (8.570001) was praised as ‘an auspicious start’ by Gramophone and ‘opulently recorded’ byClassic FM magazine. Its warmly affectionate accounts continue with this second of three volumes, including Mendelssohn’s posthumously published Capriccio and Fugue in E minor which display his polished mastery of counterpoint. The composer’s respect for Beethoven is evident in both the quartets on this disc, although in his marriage of Classical style and Romantic impulse, Mendelssohn’s vivacious brilliance and lyrical gifts are never overshadowed. Listen now.

October 2009 Naxos Classical Catalogue 8.570002

Producer: Bonnie Silver & Norbert Kraft

Engineer: Norbert Kraft

Audio Samples And Track Listings

Capriccio in E minor, Op. 81 No. 3
String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 13

i. Adagio

ii. Adagio non lento

iii. Intermezzo: Allegretto con moto

iv. Presto

Fugue in E flat major, Op. 81 No. 4
String Quartet No. 5 in E flat major, Op. 44 No. 3

i. Allegro vivace

ii. Scherzo: Assai leggiero vivace

iii. Adagio non troppo

iv. Molto Allegro con fuoco

Mendelssohn String Quartets Vol.3

Praised by The Gramophone for the ‘deep feeling’ of its playing on Volume 1 (8.570001) and hailed for ‘what promises to be an outstanding set’ (Vol. 2, 8.570002), the New Zealand String Quartet here completes its recording of all the Mendelssohn Quartets. The composer’s first essay in the form, a strikingly accomplished work by a fourteen-year-old, is presented alongside his personal favourite, the D major, Op. 44, No. 1. This last of the three Op. 44 Quartets to be written is notable for its suave Minuet and a particularly expressive Andante. In the Op. 81 Theme and Variations and Scherzo from the last year of his life melancholy and magic meet in typical Mendelssohnian manner. Listen now.

May 2010 Naxos Classical Catalogue 8.570003

Producer: Bonnie Silver & Norbert Kraft

Engineer: Norbert Kraft

Audio Samples And Track Listings

String Quartet No. 3 in D major, Op. 44 No. 1

i. Molto allegro vivace

ii. Menuetto: Un poco allegretto

iii. Andante espressivo con moto

iv. Presto con brio

Andante (Tema con Variazioni) in E major, Op. 81 No. 1
Scherzo In A Minor Op. 81 No. 2
String Quartet in E flat major, Op. '0'

i. Allegro moderato

ii. Adagio ma non troppo

iii. Minuetto

iv. Fuga

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