Jack Body Cross-Cultural Music Conference

December 2015

The Zhejiang Conservatory of Music will hold the “Body Music 2015 - Jack Body Cross-Cultural Music Conference” from 15th to 17th December 2015 in Hangzhou, China. In recognition of Jack's life and contribution to music, the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music and the Zhejiang Musicians Association are collaborating with The New Zealand School of Music, SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music and the New Zealand Consulate General in Shanghai to present this Conference. It will be held in Hangzhou at a new campus of the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music.

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Wednesday 16th December, 7:30pm

Jack Body:

Bai Sanxian, from Yunnan (2009)

Bouyi 1 & 2

Saetas for string quartet (1st movement)

A House in Bali



3 Transcriptions for string quartet

Thursday 17th December, 7:30pm

Gao Ping "Bright Light Cloud Shadows"

Gillian Whitehead New Work (world premiere) 

Ross Harris "Variation 25"

Jia Daqun “String Quartet”

John Psathas "Kartsigar"

Gao Ping "Bright Light Cloud Shadows"





Jack Body Cross-Cultural Music Conference - China

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