Dangerous Liaisons Nelson

September 2017

Join us on our 30th-anniversary tour for a concert filled with passion, yearning, joy and heartache. Our Dangerous Liaisons programme explores themes of love and desire and will take you on an emotional journey through some of the great works of the repertoire.  

Mendelsohn’s first love and Janacek’s obsession with a woman half his age were both doomed to failure yet inspired some of their most beautiful works. Jack Body’s Saetas takes its inspiration from the fire and passion of flamenco songs and reveals Rolf Gjelsten’s secret talent as an accomplished accordionist.

Music and art harmonise in this concert at the Suter Gallery. A word of warning: it’ll be an intimate affair and the music may steal your heart!

Programme Two

Janacek: String Quartet no 2, Intimate Letters

Jack Body: Saetas

Mendelssohn: Quartet no 2 in A minor, op 13 

Dangerous Liaisons Nelson - Nelson

The Suter Art Gallery
Programme Two
Ticket Prices
Adult $45
Friends $40
Seniors $40
Tertiary Student $15
School Children $5

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