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Magical Mozart Tour

Péter Nágy

Selected movements recorded live with Péter Nágy (piano) on the Magical Mozart Tour, 2006.

"This CD celebrates Mozart's 250th year and offers highlights of the Magical Mozart Tour given by the NZSQ and pianist Péter Nágy throughout New Zealand in 2006. You will head movements from each of the set of six quartets that Mozart dedicated to Haydn, known as the "Haydn" Quartets, and from each of Mozart's great Piano Quartets. Recorded live on tour, these movements have been chosen especially to invite the listener into the genius of Mozart in all its guises. Inspired by the new way of writing for quartet that he heard in Haydn's Opus 33 Quartets, and by his weekly visits to his patron van Swieten's vast collection of Bach manuscripts, the mature Mozart is here heard at his most daring, breaking new ground with shocking dissonances, breathtaking virtuosity, masterful counterpoint, comic dialogue, profound introspective moods and infectious playfulness." - Rolf Gjelsten

Recording Producer: Wayne Laird

Engineer: Paul McGlashan

Editing and Mastering: Atoll

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Audio Samples And Track Listings

Quartet in Bb K.458 ("The Hunt")

i. Allegro vivace assai

iii. Adagio

Quartet in C K.465 ("Dissonance")

iii. Minuetto Allegro - Trio

iv. Allegro molto

Quartet in A K.464

ii. Minuetto - Trio

Quartet in Eb K.428

ii. Andante con moto

Quartet in D min K.421

iii. Minuetto. Allegretto - Trio

Quartet in G K.387

iv. Molto allegro

Piano Quartet in Eb K.493

ii. Larghetto

Piano Quartet in G minor K.478

i. Allegro


A CD recording of Zoltán Székely's Quartet (1937) and Antonín Dvořák's Quartet in Eb major Op 51. 


2003 Atoll CD Ltd ACD 703

Producer: Wayne Laird

Engineer: Keith Warren

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Audio Samples And Track Listings

Zoltán Székely: Quartet (1937)

i. Moderato ma non troppo

ii. Presto

iii. Molto sostenuto

iv. Andante sostenuto

v. Largamente, quasi cadenza

vi. Presto grazioso, come una danza

vii. Allegro appassionato

viii. Molto vivace, con brio

Antonín Dvořák: Quartet in Eb major Op 51

i. Allegro ma non troppo

ii. Dumka: Andante con moto; Vivace

iii. Romanze: Andante con moto

iv. Finale: Allegro assai

Beethoven ‘Rasumovsky’ String Quartets op. 59, no. 2 & 3

CD recording of Beethoven's String Quartets op 59, no. 2 and no. 3.


2002 Atoll CD Ltd ACD 402

Producer: Wayne Laird

Engineer: Mike Clayton

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Audio Samples And Track Listings

String Quartet op. 59, no. 2

i. Allegro

ii. Molto Adagio

iii. Allegretto

iv. Finale. Presto

String Quartet op. 59, no. 3

i. poco Andante/Allegro

ii. Andante con moto

iii. Menuetto

iv. Allegro molto

Farr: Owhiro

This album features exclusive recordings of three sparkling and energetic works for string quartet by Gareth Farr, performed by the New Zealand String Quartet. Owhiro (1993), Farr's first string quartet, was written while he was resident in Owhiro Bay in Wellington and composer-in-residence with Chamber Music New Zealand. Mondo Rondo is a highly animated work with clear references to his influence of percussion with hocketting effects and exotic tunes. Frenzy is a high-energy piece with a strong emphasis on rhythm, jaunty phrasing and gritty harmonies.


2000 HRL Morrison Music Trust Records

Catalogue Number: MMT2019

Producer: Murray Khouri

Engineer: Richard Hulse

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Audio Samples And Track Listings


Mondo Rondo

i. Mondo Rondo

ii. Mumbo Jumbo

iii. Mambo Rambo


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