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New Zealand works on tour in Heartland Classics

07 July 2016    /    Composer Focus

We’re really excited to be sharing two outstanding New Zealand works with audiences on our Heartland Classics tour in August this year.

Composer Focus: Louise Webster

25 February 2015    /    Composer Focus

Louise Webster came to composition later in life but has received an impressive number of awards in the past decade, including first place in the Douglas Lilburn Trust Composition Prize in 2005 and in 2008, the Douglas Mews Choral Composition Prize in 2011, and the Llewelyn Jones Prize in Music...

Gao Ping

11 September 2014    /    Composer Focus

Gao Ping is a pianist-composer, born in Sichuan province, known for evocative textures and piano vocalization, and is the recipient of high musical honors. Growing up as a young pianist at the Sichuan Conservatory in Chengdu, Gao Ping was affected by China’s concurrent transformation from a collective to a market economy.

Horomona Horo

14 December 2013    /    Composer Focus

Requiem for the Fallen with the New Zealand String Quartet, Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir and taonga pūoro is another step on the journey of bringing together the distinctive voices of peoples who share a country and shared a battlefield.

David Downes

02 August 2013    /    Composer Focus

David Downes (b. 1967) is a New Zealand born composer/filmmaker/performer who has pursued a diverse and individual creative career. His various music, sonic art, film and animation works have been performed, presented, screened and exhibited at numerous music, film, and arts festivals, galleries, concert halls and cultural events around the world.

Dylan Lardelli

    /    Composer Focus

Dylan Lardelli is a bright light to follow in New Zealand’s contemporary music scene. This up-and-coming 34 year old’s achievements already indicate that this is someone with a promising future ahead of them.

Ross Harris

    /    Composer Focus

Ross Harris is one of New Zealand’s leading composers. He has written more than two hundred compositions including opera, symphonic music, chamber music, klezmer and electronic music. He has been a finalist in the prestigious SOUNZ Contemporary Award eight times in thirteen years and has won the award four times.

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