Close connection with audience in the round

22 July 2014 / News

We’re really looking forward to our Salon Series 2014 tour. The idea behind this is to create an environment along the lines of a musical soiree of old. We’ve chosen a range of venues around New Zealand that we think will help us to connect with our audiences and create a real feeling of intimacy and involvement.

We’re also fascinated to explore the idea of playing ‘in the round’ so that our listeners will surround us and feel that they’re part of the interaction. To help us achieve this we’re taking advice from theatre director Jonathan Alver who we found so inspiring to work with in our recent Requiem for the Fallen collaboration in the New Zealand Festival.

Over the last few months we’ve been curating two programmes of beautiful string quartet music (and a third that those of you in Christchurch will get to hear, presented by Christopher’s Classics). The first is designed with those who are new to chamber music in mind. It includes movements as stand alone pieces from works that are likely to feel familiar. The second programme features exciting full-length masterpieces for those of you with more experience of chamber music.

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