Brahms CD fundraising close to target

22 November 2016 / News

We’re enormously grateful to everyone who has generously donated to our Brahms recording series. The support has been incredible and means so much to us, not just in covering our costs, but in the knowledge that so many people are right behind this project.

Online donations on our Givealittle page have reached $4,500 and we’ve had an amazing $7,000 in the post or deposited directly into our account, making a grand total of $11,500. That’s just $2,500 short of our goal of $14,000 to fully cover CD 2.

We've now completed recording sessions in Toronto for our third and last Brahms CD for Naxos featuring the two Viola Quintets with Maria Lambros. Maria was inspiring in every way: experienced, thoughtful, expressive and communicative, with a loving approach to the music and our mutual relationship.

We feel extremely fortunate as well that our Naxos producer and engineer for almost a decade, renowned Canadian guitarist Norbert Kraft, is as good as it gets! He is both insightful and meticulous, but also musically intelligent and intuitive.

Years of planning and preparation have gone into this Brahms series and with each recording we took great care to perform the works as often as we could, so as to allow a confident, natural and meaningful interpretation to evolve. Ahead of this most recent recording, we performed the Viola Quintets around New Zealand with James Dunham on the Quintessence tour for CMNZ, as well as playing them in the US with Maria in July and again in November.

As we embarked on our four-day recording session last week in Toronto – which we liken to our own ‘musical Olympics’ - our energy, concentration and excitement were palpable.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to all those who have so generously supported this distinguished project of great masterpieces. If you haven’t yet donated but would still like to, please visit our Givealittle page or contact the NZSQ office directly.

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