10 Questions: Beans and Rice

04 November 2014 / 10 Questions

Over the last 18 months, the creative agency Beans and Rice have been working closely with us to re-develop our print materials and new website. We’re thrilled with the collaborative partnership that has evolved and loved their fresh response to our Salon Series 2014. We asked them some questions about their experience of working with the New Zealand String Quartet.

1. Tell us about Beans and Rice

Beans & Rice is a communications agency and creative shop. While our outputs are brand, advertising, websites, digital and packaging, it’s all about helping companies communicate with their audiences effectively.

We started in 2011, as a rebirth out of the global financial crisis, and we have a mix of advertising and graphic design backgrounds. 

2. How long have you been working with the New Zealand String Quartet?

Our relationship with the New Zealand String Quartet has been in place since February 2013, so about 18 months.

3. How did the website project come about?

The New Zealand String Quartet wanted to engage a more diverse audience, as well as retain their existing audience. We freshened their brand identity and then worked through their marketing collateral and stationery suite. Then came the website, which is a big piece of the marketing mix. 

4. What has been different about designing a website for a string quartet?

The New Zealand String Quartet are unique in that they are a living, breathing, evolving ‘product’ with a history, present and future that are equally important in representing who they are and what they have to offer.

5. What do you love about working with the New Zealand String Quartet?

We love their openness to our creative recommendations and their desire to approach things collaboratively. 

6. How do you hope the new website will help them?

We hope it results in an expansion of their audiences, both in numbers and breadth of age. This kind of accessibility (via good design, great content, clear language and simple-to-use technology) allows existing and potential audiences to feel part of the experience and helps them come to know the Quartet members in an environment that accurately represents their brand.

7. Had you previously been fans of chamber music?

We always appreciated the talent, skill and commitment involved but we hadn’t previously been drawn to it, however…

8. You came to the Salon Series 2014. How was that experience?

The intimacy of the Salon Series concert allowed us to see the heart and soul of the performers. It engaged us beyond our expectations. The cohesiveness with instrument and fellow performer alike was delightful and commanding.

9. How has working on this project changed your perceptions?

The Salon Series concert reignited in all of us a love for live performance and opened our understanding of what a rich experience chamber music can be. In terms of the creation of the website, it hasn’t changed anything, rather it’s reinforced our belief that the best results are achieved through collaboration.

10. How do you think online tools can help professional music ensembles?

Websites are organic. As ensembles grow and evolve, so too can websites (if they’re done right!).  Online tools, including websites, are an amazing platform to provide valuable information and present various marketing touch points to a much broader audience.

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